Metro Crossword Answers December 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Knowledge test EXAM
Oval nut PECAN
Wild youths TEARAWAYS
Desire for food APPETITE
Indian social system CASTE
Disregards IGNORES
Marking as correct TICKING
Edging (towards) SIDLING
More cumbersome BULKIER
Shaving cuts NICKS
Rainy & miserable (weather) INCLEMENT
Unravel (problem) SOLVE
Weight unit GRAM
Horoscope expert ASTROLOGER
Swiss mountain range ALPS
Curve ARC
Move to music DANCE
Bone photos (1-4) XRAYS
Errand-boys MESSENGERS
Ridiculous FARCICAL
Fretted PINED
Expressing disagreement DISSENTING
Distributes again REISSUES
Halfwit IDIOT
Accrues (interest) GATHERS
Bragging person BOASTER
Chocolate powder COCOA
Picture stand EASEL
Highly priced DEAR
Tarry LAG