Metro Crossword Answers December 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Blueprint PLAN
Epic tale SAGA
Comradeship & esprit-de-corps CAMARADERIE
Circle parts ARCS
Dowdy & dull DRAB
Track event RACE
Notion IDEA
Australian flightless bird EMU
Forensic ID check, … test (1,1,1) DNA
Conform, … the line TOE
Wheat tip EAR
Horsey expression, … up! GEE
Young children KIDS
Spiteful CATTY
Please reply (1,1,1,1) RSVP
Be aware of KNOW
Rabbit relative HARE
Shirt shoulder piece YOKE
Paging device sound BLEEP
Soccer send-off, red … CARD
Uneven (number) ODD
Belonging to that ITS
Spoil MAR
Disc jockeys (1,2) DJS
US espionage body (1,1,1) CIA
Every single EACH
Square solid CUBE
Fire fuel COAL
Bulletin display (6,5) NOTICEBOARD
Full of wisdom WISE
Glimpse ESPY
Put in position PLACE
Earned (bank interest) ACCRUED
US rocket agency NASA
Auction SALE
Entrance (3,2) WAYIN
Smallgoods shop DELI
Makes fizzy AERATES
Leisurely walk AMBLE
Vicious dog CUR
Use spade DIG
Spoke slowly DRAWLED
Countries’ songs, national … ANTHEMS
Invited ASKED
Ramrod-straight ERECT
Lock opener KEY
Corn on the … COB
Shrill bark YAP
Thin cushion PAD
People from Seoul or Incheon KOREANS
Physician DOC
Promissory note (1,1,1) IOU
South American parrot MACAW
One-liners or funny stories JOKES
Severe pain AGONY
Healing gel, … vera ALOE
Icy rain HAIL
Dull & tedious person BORE