Metro Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Raging fire INFERNO
Subtleties of meaning NUANCES
Coming closer to NEARING
Sewn fabric fold PLEAT
Spoken exams ORALS
Trustworthy LOYAL
Humble (oneself) ABASE
Russian emperors TSARS
Child’s play object TOY
Prosecute SUE
Boasts BRAGS
Tenancy agreement LEASE
Knotting TYING
Atomic (power) NUCLEAR
Fly around (planet) ORBIT
Times past, … days OLDEN
Street-finder (4,3) ROADMAP
Auburn-haired person REDHEAD
Clumsily INEPTLY
Unrestrictedly FREELY
Hiring fee RENTAL
… & lemons ORANGES
More clamorous NOISIER
Silky-haired goat ANGORA
Ottawa is there CANADA
Cuts violently SLASHES
Deep chasm ABYSS
Overbearing BOSSY
Keyboard spacing key TAB
Fashionable, … mode (1,2) ALA
Crack task force (1,1,1) SAS
Completely finished (3,4) ALLOVER
Music style, … roll (4,3) ROCKAND
Sparkled GLEAMED
Great pains AGONIES
Sauntered AMBLED
First course ENTREE
… of Capricorn TROPIC
Really! INDEED