Metro Crossword Answers December 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hires (staff) EMPLOYS
Threatens MENACES
Cosy corners NOOKS
Coach (team) TRAIN
Even-tempered EQUABLE
Large area TRACT
Palm fruits DATES
Grey-faced ASHEN
Showed the way LED
Football arbiter REF
More bashful SHYER
Honesty TRUTH
Confronts FACES
Against the law ILLEGAL
Atlantic or Indian OCEAN
Astonish AMAZE
Staring angrily GLARING
Persevered, … on PLODDED
Game stalkers HUNTERS
Flow out (from) EMANATE
Eastern temple PAGODA
Blunders (4-3) SLIPUPS
Made snug home NESTED
Deep blue COBALT
Earliest SOONEST
Army student CADET
Major heart vessel AORTA
Promos ADS
Dry fodder HAY
Neither this … that NOR
Rose to feet (5,2) STOODUP
Amsterdam is there HOLLAND
Britain’s language ENGLISH
Familiar with (4,2) USEDTO
Pivoted HINGED
Wine flask FLAGON
Newborn’s bed CRADLE