Metro Crossword Answers February 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Starting journey (7,3) HEADINGOFF
Greenish blue AQUA
Cut-price CHEAP
Clasped hairstyle PONYTAIL
In that place THERE
Muslim veil YASHMAK
Discolours through age YELLOWS
Divides into halves BISECTS
Long-term prisoner LIFER
America’s Cup sport YACHTING
Biologist or physicist SCIENTIST
Inuit canoe KAYAK
Mums & … DADS
Starring actors (7,3) LEADINGMEN
Hind leg joint HOCK
Woodsman’s tool AXE
Insinuate IMPLY
Toxic fumes protector (3,4) GASMASK
University department staff FACULTY
Somewhat QUITE
Hostile parties AGGRESSORS
Lizards or snakes REPTILES
Desert springs OASES
Represented SYMBOLISED
Regularly OFTEN
Visible horizon SKYLINE
Left (premises) VACATED
Cooked in fat FRIED
Slot-machine coin TOKEN
Animal hide SKIN
Starchy tuber YAM