Metro Crossword Answers March 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
First-rate MASTERFUL
Peaches & … CREAM
Bellows ROARS
Sloping type ITALICS
Illuminated LIT
Approached NEARED
Mix with spoon STIR
Germ-free STERILE
Salt & pepper pots SHAKERS
Chess rooks CASTLES
New Delhi natives INDIANS
Historical ages ERAS
Nuclear ATOMIC
Thrilled cry OOH
Cutting tooth INCISOR
Public square PLAZA
Artist’s naked models NUDES
Army quitters DESERTERS
Backing, … support MORAL
Cleverness SMARTNESS
Basic needs ESSENTIALS
Disallowed FORBADE
Hangs about LOITERS
Scottish tribe CLAN
Official decree EDICT
Garden shaper LANDSCAPER
Embellish (the truth) ELABORATE
Stitched surgically SUTURED
Prison occupants INMATES
Formed a curve ARCED
Makes well HEALS
Requests, … for ASKS