Metro Crossword Answers March 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
College test EXAM
Stone god IDOL
Furtive glance PEEK
Paddles OARS
Narrow part of bottle NECK
S African currency RAND
Pot top LID
Little nap KIP
By means of PER
Hearing organ EAR
Small ocean SEA
Remake REDO
Nile or Amazon RIVER
Top of house ROOF
Trepidation FEAR
Mountain animal GOAT
Excavated (minerals) MINED
Pledge OATH
Arrest NAB
Idiot ASS
Droop SAG
Butane or neon GAS
Folk tale hero, … Thumb TOM
Forearm bone ULNA
Raise (children) REAR
Anger RILE
Airstream WIND
Three feet YARD
Appear SEEM
Drum out EXPEL
Corrected AMENDED
Create MAKE
Wait furtively LURK
Flavouring sachet, bouquet … GARNI
Agitate, … up STIR
Respirator, … lung IRON
Expressionless DEADPAN
Vanquished person LOSER
Vicious mongrel CUR
Media promotions ADS
Injuring with dagger KNIFING
Likes better PREFERS
Main artery AORTA
Germany’s new currency units EUROS
Drilling platform RIG
Read-only memory ROM
Crimson RED
Cry of delight OOH
Sharp-cornered ANGULAR
Straddling ASTRIDE
Prohibition BAN
Nautical yes AYE
Apology word SORRY
Computer/phone link MODEM
Give temporarily LEND
At a great distance AFAR
Water from sky RAIN
Inspires with reverence AWES