Metro Crossword Answers March 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Wander leisurely MEANDER
Books of maps ATLASES
… & lemons ORANGES
Rail transport TRAIN
Rib playfully TEASE
Twist together ENTWINE
Zodiac crustaceans CRABS
Becomes ragged FRAYS
Poke one’s nose in PRY
… only but also NOT
Outfit (3-2) GETUP
Tapering fruit PEARS
Hang illegally LYNCH
Sanitation HYGIENE
Copy outline of TRACE
Fall behind TRAIL
Postal destination ADDRESS
Wrongdoers SINNERS
Digging tool MATTOCK
Body of warships ARMADA
Male bees DRONES
Nuclear generator REACTOR
Furiously ANGRILY
Hear, … to LISTEN
Harsh screech SQUAWK
Jam & peanut butter SPREADS
Purchaser BUYER
Pester ANNOY
Thick mist FOG
Towards stern AFT
Plant juice SAP
Inscription on tomb EPITAPH
Incited (5,2) EGGEDON
Hopeless USELESS
Display racks SHELVES
Largest US state ALASKA
Scabbard SHEATH
Reveals secret (4,2) LETSON
Subtle difference NUANCE