Metro Crossword Answers March 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Freedom of movement MOBILITY
Profession, … work SOCIAL
Stunned, knocked … OUT
24 December, Xmas … EVE
Hot-air machine DRYER
Rebuilding project REDEVELOPMENT
Suspending a type of product DISCONTINUING
Word-for-word EXACT
Idiotic INANE
Neckwear TIE
No … or buts IFS
Inter in mausoleum ENTOMB
Striped brightly STREAKED
Very small person MIDGET
Large BIG
Well educated LEARNED
Make fun of TEASE
Confessed (5,2) OWNEDUP
Elephant poacher’s cache IVORY
Able to read & write LITERATE
Diabetic’s preparation INSULIN
High-ranking lords EARLS
Appraising VETTING
Number following seven EIGHT
Sticky (tape) ADHESIVE
Most favourable OPTIMUM
Make list of ITEMISE
Tightened (muscles) TENSED
Valuable possession ASSET
Separately APART
Acorn bearer OAK