Metro Crossword Answers March 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
In theatre wings OFFSTAGE
Former lover (3,5) OLDFLAME
Rang (of bell) CHIMED
Quietening SILENCING
Declare void ANNUL
Overland journey TREK
Interested CURIOUS
Sunbeams RAYS
Hungry UNFED
King Arthur’s wife GUINEVERE
Piano adjusters TUNERS
Decorative door-tappers KNOCKERS
Got by (4,2) MADEDO
Woodwind musician OBOIST
Tamper with FIDDLE
Hawk’s claw TALON
Publicity device GIMMICK
Bonded together CEMENTED
Sang alpine-style YODELLED
Man-eating giant OGRE
Requested more stock REORDERED
Familiarise ACCUSTOM
Put to unworthy use PROFANED
Weary moan SIGH
Governed REIGNED
Go back on deal RENEGE
National head count CENSUS
Compere EMCEE