Metro Crossword Answers November 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Arrived at (destination) REACHED
Issue (magazine) PUBLISH
Come to understand REALISE
Exhilarate ELATE
Send via Internet EMAIL
Ocean-liner waiter STEWARD
Hot-headed FIERY
More rational SANER
Peculiar ODD
… & hers HIS
Long (for) YEARN
Blab, … out BLURT
Stage play DRAMA
Nuclear generator REACTOR
Banish from own country EXILE
Praise highly EXALT
Gum sore ABSCESS
Nasal cavities SINUSES
Child-minding (centre) DAYCARE
Percentage of the take (4-3) RAKEOFF
Sailor’s yes (3,3) AYEAYE
Unorthodox religious doctrine HERESY
Cul-de-sac (4,3) DEADEND
Ape or monkey PRIMATE
Haemorrhages BLEEDS
To no avail (2,4) INVAIN
Speed trap RADAR
Loathe ABHOR
Climbing vine IVY
Meadow LEA
Noise DIN
Descends rock-face by rope ABSEILS
Slips by (of time) ELAPSES
Old tyre made new RETREAD
Milk sugar LACTOSE
Harmony UNISON
Steps (on) TREADS
Smart (attire) DRESSY
Northernmost US state ALASKA