Metro Crossword Answers November 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Evaluate, … up SIZE
Martial art, … fu KUNG
Fir tree PINE
Indian butter GHEE
Sit for portrait POSE
Fish eggs ROE
Which person? WHO
Dreary routine RUT
Rested on chair SAT
Definite article THE
Solidifies SETS
Simple task CINCH
Counts up ADDS
Sweet & … SOUR
Corridor HALL
Female partner WIFE
Swell out BLOAT
Change VARY
Automatic teller (1,1,1) ATM
B&B, … & breakfast BED
Heavy weight TON
Male parent DAD
Centre HUB
Current units AMPS
Dressing gown ROBE
Tiny amount IOTA
Riles IRKS
Lock up (prisoner) INCARCERATE
Scalp parasites LICE
Jittery EDGY
Fantastic SUPER
Wackiest ZANIEST
Unspoilt paradise EDEN
Short office note MEMO
Talk (oneself into) PSYCH
Enclose WRAP
Guided (to seat) USHERED
Visitor GUEST
Robust FIT
Frequently (poetic) OFT
Fruit grove ORCHARD
Financial holding ASSET
Bisect HALVE
Observed SAW
Junior Scout CUB
Tropical headwear, Panama … HAT
Express verbally SAY
Extremist FANATIC
Stuck (to) ADHERED
Chart MAP
Angry audience cry BOO
Woven fabric TWILL
Wise guy, smart … ALECK
Lion’s neck hair MANE
Mortuary stone SLAB
Scarce as hen’s teeth RARE