Metro Crossword Answers November 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Red pepper spice PAPRIKA
Interfering person MEDDLER
Conifer (3,4) FIRTREE
Pig out GORGE
Sedate (character) STAID
Ouija sessions SEANCES
Clumsy INEPT
Mountain call YODEL
Overexcited, … up HYPED
Aggravate IRK
Wildebeest GNU
Walked (in water) WADED
Female servants MAIDS
Foolish INANE
Stretchy ELASTIC
Very annoyed IRATE
Lacking in blood-iron ANAEMIC
Downward path DESCENT
Race official STEWARD
Antarctic bird PENGUIN
Overrun INFEST
Wonderful thing MIRACLE
Not casual DRESSY
Garden reptile LIZARD
Willingly READILY
Mocked, … fun at POKED
Church keyboard ORGAN
By what means? HOW
Pea shell POD
Movie flop DUD
Emphatic ADAMANT
Buries in vault ENTOMBS
Faded, … out PETERED
Reflections IMAGES
Bun seed SESAME
Frozen drop ICICLE
Wattle tree ACACIA