Metro Crossword Answers November 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Sounding (horn) or crying (of goose) HONKING
Conspired PLOTTED
Musical pace TEMPO
Silly or mindless INANE
Reconstructed REBUILT
Number of spider’s legs EIGHT
Stage setting or view SCENE
Ornamental carp KOI
… & downs UPS
Surprised, taken … ABACK
End of life DEATH
Potato type IDAHO
Travel cheats, fare … EVADERS
Fashion sense STYLE
Resupply with weapons REARM
Catch-22 DILEMMA
Gave up or produced YIELDED
US currency units DOLLARS
Aromatic spice NUTMEG
Bring from overseas IMPORT
So long! GOODBYE
Going down (of sun) SETTING
Reviews (accounts) AUDITS
Track down or situate LOCATE
Diluted, … down WATERED
Was able to COULD
Meadow (poetic) LEA
Gene acid (1,1,1) DNA
Deer ELK
Lengthy adventure or Homer epic ODYSSEY
Fought in street BRAWLED
Blended (butter & sugar) CREAMED
Carries out (crime) COMMITS
Anybody ANYONE
Paid attention to HEEDED
Holy Land nation ISRAEL
US Arctic state ALASKA