Metro Crossword Answers November 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Earl Grey sachets (3,4) TEABAGS
Iced bakery treat CUPCAKE
Distress signal FLARE
Ambulance warning SIREN
Construct (building) ERECT
Oak kernel ACORN
Animal skins PELTS
Showed the way LED
Wow, … whiz! GEE
Infidel PAGAN
Torments GOADS
Local saying IDIOM
Hemisphere dividing line EQUATOR
Combat FIGHT
Revolve around ORBIT
Great applause OVATION
Chitchat PRATTLE
Sale items with imperfections SECONDS
Jelly/sponge desserts TRIFLES
On fire ABLAZE
Ultimate price, … sacrifice SUPREME
Nastiest MEANEST
Afternoon nap SIESTA
Early fetus EMBRYO
Sighing sleepily YAWNING
Encrypted CODED
Kept behind bars CAGED
Just beat, … at the post PIP
Forest dwelling, … cabin LOG
Male offspring SON
Nog drink (3,4) EGGFLIP
Flatter to excess ADULATE
Removes contents of EMPTIES
Goat wool ANGORA
Begin journey (3,3) SETOUT
Perversely coincidental IRONIC
Hereditary INBORN