Metro Crossword Answers October 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Smooth-talker FLATTERER
Cartons BOXES
Scrapes (lawn) clear of leaves RAKES
Read out for typist DICTATE
Expected landing time (1,1,1) ETA
Internet postal items (1-5) EMAILS
Largest continent ASIA
Nomadic Arab tribesman BEDOUIN
Painter, Leonardo … (2,5) DAVINCI
Faithfully LOYALLY
Dead bodies CORPSES
Deaden NUMB
Oration SPEECH
Compete VIE
Tel Aviv native ISRAELI
Leader RULER
Protect GUARD
Horticulturists GARDENERS
Fraudulently copy (signature) FORGE
Teach new skills to RETRAIN
Peppered (with holes) RIDDLED
Bone photos (1-4) XRAYS
Story lines SCENARIOS
Short-change OVERCHARGE
Fitting in well BELONGING
US country music capital NASHVILLE
Less expensive CHEAPER
Hymn, Ave … MARIA
High-ranking lords EARLS
Fuse (metal) together WELD