Metro Crossword Answers October 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Not strong WEAK
Be in a huff SULK
Makes sweeping statements GENERALISES
Narrow valley GLEN
A … off the old block CHIP
Off-limits, … area (2-2) NOGO
… de foie gras PATE
Lump of turf SOD
Egg-layer HEN
Groove RUT
Appropriate APT
Have to repay OWE
Puncture sound HISS
Block and tackle WINCH
Jittery EDGY
Regrettably ALAS
Music style SOUL
Undress STRIP
Gallivants GADS
Former time standard (1,1,1) GMT
Tie the knot WED
Under the weather ILL
Delve DIG
Contest, … with VIE
Curly-horned goat IBEX
Fleshy part of ear LOBE
Duelling weapon EPEE
Inner drive URGE
Relationship breakdowns SEPARATIONS
Infants TOTS
Ranked player SEED
Incomes WAGES
Meeting schedules AGENDAS
Game of chance KENO
Loose hair strand WISP
Religious group SECT
Showed (to seat) USHERED
Broken KAPUT
Violin string fibre GUT
Fuss ADO
Cutting with razor NICKING
Biblical prayer PSALM
Thin end of the … WEDGE
Belonging to him HIS
Used to be WAS
Trendy HIP
Least attractive UGLIEST
Unfavourable ADVERSE
Golf ball peg TEE
Which person? WHO
Awkward INEPT
Relative by marriage (2-3) INLAW
Correct (text) EMEND
Honey makers BEES
Skeleton photograph (1-3) XRAY
Lion abode LAIR
Easter treats, hot cross … BUNS