Metro Crossword Answers October 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Error or lack of correctness INACCURACY
Bias or distort (direction of) SKEW
Cuddly Aussie animal KOALA
Culprit or lawbreaker OFFENDER
Find answer to SOLVE
No through road (4-3) DEADEND
Fictional vampire count DRACULA
Form a line (5,2) QUEUEUP
Blessed (with good looks) ENDOWED
Gulls & terns (3,5) SEABIRDS
High-priced EXPENSIVE
Abrupt or surly GRUFF
12-month period YEAR
Rich international travellers (3-7) JETSETTERS
Very dark or stained with printing fluid INKY
In the manner of (1,2) ALA
Wooden box CRATE
Blackened by fire or seared CHARRED
Funeral bell-ringing KNELL
Barren areas WASTELANDS
Taxi rank (3,5) CABSTAND
Peel (of paint) or snow drop FLAKE
Sufficiently ADEQUATELY
Editing (text) EMENDING
Unmarried UNWED
Third brightest star, … Centauri ALPHA
Gold brick INGOT
Flying saucers (1,1,2) UFOS
Function or employ USE