Metro Crossword Answers October 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Dining-room linen TABLECLOTH
Second-hand goods stalls, … market FLEA
Proportion RATIO
Duellists using epees or sabres SWORDSMEN
Outer shell of a motor vehicle (the panel beater repairs its dents) BODYWORK
Internal INNER
Goes by (of time) ELAPSES
Windpipe TRACHEA
Take for granted PRESUME
Tranquil RESTFUL
Nitwit IDIOT
New York district BROOKLYN
Beginning ONSET
Misbehaving, up to no … GOOD
Racetrack surface TURF
Vampire creature BAT
Resin glue EPOXY
Teaching sessions LESSONS
Car repair set (4,3) TOOLKIT
Yellow citrus fruit LEMON
Naval chiefs ADMIRALS
Make speech to crowd ORATE
Completely losing hope DESPAIRING
Sizable HEFTY
Legal trade ban EMBARGO
Cockerel ROOSTER
Lead-in INTRO
Round door handles KNOBS
Male red deer STAG
Perform slalom SKI