Metro Crossword Answers October 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
French castle CHATEAU
Classiest POSHEST
The Titanic hit one ICEBERG
Approaches NEARS
Pasta meal LASAGNE
Come next ENSUE
Eagle’s claw TALON
Velvety fabric PLUSH
Chocolate … cake MUD
Amount (of cash) SUM
Cutting light-beam LASER
Peruses READS
Drive zigzag course WEAVE
Collector HOARDER
Courtyard PATIO
Renounce ABANDON
Airport area, … lounge TRANSIT
Book excerpt PASSAGE
Big dipper, roller … COASTER
Cherishes ADORES
Fit for consumption EDIBLE
Solemn vows PLEDGES
Personalised (ring) SIGNET
Involve ENTAIL
Flinging TOSSING
Reversed the effects of UNDID
Supermarket lane AISLE
Friend PAL
Fluctuations, … & downs UPS
Him or … HER
Moses was one PROPHET
Insistent ADAMANT
Resulted (5,2) ENDEDUP
Retaliation REVENGE
Breathing disorder ASTHMA
Schools (of fish) SHOALS
Twists & squeezes WRINGS
US Arctic state ALASKA