Metro Crossword Answers September 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Military operation MISSION
Denied (entry) REFUSED
Lack of direction AIMLESSNESS
Expression of disgust BAH
Poetic term for field LEA
Selfishness GREED
Amasses stock HOARDS
Disfigure MAR
Record label (1,1,1) EMI
Dead … Scrolls SEA
Stretchy material LYCRA
Dusk to dawn NIGHT
Set (table) LAY
Compete VIE
Sock end TOE
Factory chimneys STACKS
Famous Disney deer BAMBI
Health resort SPA
Pot top LID
Elderly care facility (7,4) NURSINGHOME
Reveals secret thoughts (5,2) OPENSUP
Circled (globe) ORBITED
Steak or chop MEAT
Of the nose NASAL
Test again (2-7) REEXAMINE
Paintbrush hair SABLE
Deprives of water DEHYDRATES
Isolating racially SEGREGATING
Purposely overhear EAVESDROP
Protrudes (6,3) STICKSOUT
Gnat-like fly MIDGE
Cowboy’s friend AMIGO
Vulgar LEWD