Metro Crossword Answers September 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Changing booth CUBICLE
Floating debris, … & jetsam FLOTSAM
Midday meal LUNCH
Fashion direction TREND
Person removed from danger zone EVACUEE
Record platters DISCS
Coarse files RASPS
Yashmaks VEILS
Piece of turf SOD
Prosecute SUE
Counterfeits FAKES
Soup vegetable SWEDE
Male singing voice TENOR
Non-Jewish person GENTILE
Exploiting USING
World map book ATLAS
Continuous NONSTOP
Car sheds GARAGES
Crash into, … with COLLIDE
Window shades, Venetian … BLINDS
Takes advantage of, … in on CASHES
Try to rival EMULATE
Nonfictional FACTUAL
Pearl source OYSTER
Bedlinen SHEETS
Most demented MADDEST
Relinquished (land) CEDED
Church passage AISLE
Radio frequency (1,1,1) VHF
Aggravate IRK
Dubious SUS
Sending forth ISSUING
Shopfront shelters AWNINGS
News chief EDITOR
Egg/spice/brandy drink EGGNOG
I’m a little …, short & stout TEAPOT
Stockings NYLONS