Metro Crossword Answers September 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Coleslaw vegetable CABBAGE
Eventually became (5,2) ENDEDUP
Dead ringer, spitting … IMAGE
Multiplied by itself SQUARED
Crustaceans with nippers CRABS
Eroded, … away EATEN
Beauty and the … BEAST
Tender (for) BID
Flow back (of tide) EBB
High-ranking lords EARLS
Alphabetical listing of contents INDEX
Artless NAIVE
Comprehend REALISE
Hooded snake COBRA
Terminate CEASE
Most orderly TIDIEST
Corrected (text) EMENDED
Smartened (up) SPRUCED
Invent (story) CONCOCT
Yellow, curved tropical fruit BANANA
Back door, rear … ACCESS
Person taken from danger EVACUEE
Goes aboard ship EMBARKS
Ridicule DERIDE
Dove relatives PIGEONS
Dislodge BUDGE
Stadium ARENA
Adios! BYE
Cabin attendant, … hostess AIR
… the season to be jolly (‘3) TIS
Earnest (good wishes) SINCERE
Presented (medal) AWARDED
Hangs about idly LOITERS
Subscribed again, …membership RENEWED
Indulge in half-heartedly DABBLE
Adult (video) (1-5) XRATED
Flower syrup NECTAR
Sloping (typeface) ITALIC