Mirror Classic Crossword Answers April 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Picnic food item SCOTCHEGG
Unpleasant bodily sensation PAIN
Great energy or enthusiasm DYNAMISM
Ordinary seaman RATING
Drying cloth TOWEL
Leaves in cigarettes TOBACCO
Fruit seed PIP
Group of 20 SCORE
Total business sales TURNOVER
Leg joint KNEE
Surgical procedure OPERATION
Unpleasant or illicit activity DIRTYWORK
Sponge or beg CADGE
Sleeveless t-shirt TANKTOP
Place where one lives HOME
Sudden blast of wind GUST
Intermediary GOBETWEEN
Metallic element TIN
Fuss or bother PALAVER
Less favourable WORSE
Sand piled up by the wind DUNE
Poker stake ANTE