Mirror Classic Crossword Answers April 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Student PUPIL
Dough ball cooked in a stew DUMPLING
Short in duration BRIEF
Regard as false DISBELIEVE
For sale at a reduced rate CUTPRICE
Relatively long time AGES
Not working properly ONTHEBLINK
Big cat TIGER
Norm used for comparison STANDARD
Freedom from violence or war PEACE
Open to all the people PUBLIC
Served very cold ICED
Unfeeling NUMB
Knock over a liquid SPILL
Release from a connection DISENGAGE
Concurs AGREES
Easily angered FIERY
Apart from OTHERTHAN
Crib COT
Lose consciousness FAINT
One’s partner in marriage SPOUSE
Come into view EMERGE
Unwelcome plants WEEDS
Fat used in cooking LARD
Toy flown in the air KITE