Mirror Classic Crossword Answers April 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Kitchen item CHIPPAN
Enclosed chair carried by porters SEDAN
Plant type ORCHID
Black-and-white striped mammal ZEBRA
Ticket money FARE
Oblivious UNAWARE
Ill-disciplined child BRAT
At no time NEVER
Ballroom dance CHACHA
Metropolis CAPITAL
Smile in a smug manner SMIRK
Main object of dislike PETHATE
From now on HENCEFORTH
Temporary loss of electricity POWERCUT
Voluminous hairstyle AFRO
Perceive sounds HEAR
Clean with water and soap WASH
Keyboard instrument ORGAN
Beside the point IRRELEVANT
Finnish bath SAUNA
In a state of restless excitement FEVERISH
Military land force ARMY
Coffee bar CAFE