Mirror Classic Crossword Answers April 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Stair part RISER
Mexican pancake TORTILLA
Foundation BASIS
Fairground stall COCONUTSHY
Unfair or treacherous conduct FOULPLAY
Sixty minutes HOUR
Passable, middling SOSO
Combine, unite AMALGAMATE
Wooden shoe SABOT
Neighbourhood VICINITY
Blunt refusal or rejection REBUFF
Of heroic proportions EPIC
Extinct bird DODO
Portly STOUT
Men’s golf trousers PLUSFOURS
Solicitor LAWYER
Self-indulgently sentimental SOPPY
Physical material SUBSTANCE
Generation AGE
Pimples SPOTS
Deprive of food STARVE
Missive LETTER
Great pain AGONY
Silent, voiceless MUTE
Every EACH