Mirror Classic Crossword Answers April 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Optical instrument MICROSCOPE
Comprise INCLUDE
Defence proof ALIBI
Take notice of HEED
Surrender, relinquish CEDE
Personal pride EGO
Sanctuary or protection ASYLUM
Refer indirectly (to) ALLUDE
Slope downwards DIP
Pavement edge KERB
Abominable snowman YETI
Main artery AORTA
Shudder or thrill FRISSON
Ridicule, contempt MOCKERY
Close friend CHUM
First batsman OPENER
Daddy longlegs CRANEFLY
Winner’s award PRIZE
Neglecting or refusing to obey DISOBEDIENT
Tool, implement UTENSIL
Financial gain PROFIT
Large windproof hooded jacket PARKA
Prima donna DIVA