Mirror Classic Crossword Answers August 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Breed of dog (5,4) GREATDANE
Misdemeanour (5) START
Fiery particle (5) NAIL
Transgression (3) TEN
Pitch (3) AWARD
Middle Eastern port (4) ORGAN
Commence (5) RAISE
Domestic appliance (6) DUSTER
Metal fastener (4) SCRAPHEAP
Writing implement (3) MINSTER
Number (3) PARTNER
Trophy (5) PAR
Keyboard instrument (5) TENDER
Astronomer (9) APART
Elevate (5) CRIME
Prayer ending (4) SPARK
Cleaning cloth (6) SIN
Approaches (5) TAR
Pile of rubbish (9) ADEN
Mean person (9) PERSON
Large church (7) HEATER
Associate (7) PEN
Sore (6) AMEN
Separate (5) NEARS
Viewpoint (5) SKINFLINT
Roman robe (4) PARTNER