Mirror Classic Crossword Answers August 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Conscious (7) ROLLMOP
Fixed (6) HINT
Pickled herring (7) ACID
Post (4) ADDER
Final (4) LIED
Terrify (5) DEPOSIT
Suggestion (4) TREE
Corrosive substance (4) COMMAND
Viper (5) MERIT
Male deer (4) IDOL
Fibbed (4) DELICATE
Down payment (7) ASTEROID
Lecture (6) LID
Experts (7) ACADEMY
Large shrub (4) MINDFUL
Instruct (7) ROOTED
Earn (a reward, eg) (5) ROLLMOP
Object of worship (4) MAIL
Fragile (8) LAST
Expired (6) SCARE
Celestial rock (8) STAG
Cover (3) LIED
School (7) SERMON
Equipment (3) PUNDITS
Short of money (4,2) TREE
Locations (5) IDOL
Inventory (4) DELICATE
Pastel hue (4) LAPSED