Mirror Classic Crossword Answers August 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Grate (5) SHRED
Slumber (5) RAVEN
Beverage (3) SAY
Freshwater mammal (5) GARDEN
Black bird (5) MIEN
In the past (3) ODDS
Age (3) DERIDE
Scull (3) SPA
Utter (3) SEE
Back yard (6) TRIPE
Manner (4) COMET
Probabilities (4) STREAM
Mock (6) DONOR
Resort (3) EROS
Information (3) ADORE
Spot (3) AID
Hill (3) NOD
Type of offal (5) DESIST
Overweight (5) SWEETS
Solidify (3) EGRET
Tailed ‘star’ (5) INTER
Rituals (5) SPEC
Brook (6) SHRED
Listen (4) SLEEP
Devastate (6) TEA
Benefactor (5) OTTER
Look fixedly (5) RAVEN
Limb (3) AGO
Greek deity (4) ERA
Stratagem (4) OAR
Cherish (5) GEN
Assist (3) TOR
Common word (3) OBESE
Signal assent (3) SET
Rascal (3) RITES
Stop (6) HEAR
Confectionery (6) RAVAGE
Wading bird (5) STARE
Bury (5) LEG
Technical details (4) EROS
Particle (4) PLOY
Fencing sword (4) AND
Award (1,1,1) IMP