Mirror Classic Crossword Answers August 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Narrative song (6) BALLAD
Chime (4) LITTER
Metal (4) TIER
Street rubbish (6) ERR
Grain (4) BEE
Bacterium (4) OVER
Layer (4) GOUT
Stray (3) SEAS
Drone or queen? (3) ENTAIL
Above (4) BALSA
Sunny (4) POOR
Painful affliction (4) ERSE
Hand in notice (6) ICON
Bodies of water (4) REFUSE
Stalk (4) BOGUS
Necessitate (6) VERSE
Modelling wood (5) BALLAD
Overdue (4) PEAL
Funereal tune (5) IRON
Hard-up (4) LITTER
Tooth covering (6) OATS
Intense light (5) GERM
Gaelic (4) FINE
Religious image (4) RESIGN
Decline (6) STEM
Counterfeit (5) ENTAIL
Stanza (5) LATE
Ultimate (5) DIRGE
Unit (4) ENAMEL
Prima donna (4) LASER