Mirror Classic Crossword Answers August 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Untidy state MESS
Bridge shape ARCH
Fewer LESS
Responsibility ONUS
Lawn growth MOSS
Inhabitant DENIZEN
Auction item LOT
Of the nose NASAL
Get narrower TAPER
Speedy RAPID
Drying cloth TOWEL
Moist WET
Appear SEEM
Be brave enough DARE
Radiate GLOW
Heave DRAG
Look after TEND
State of mind MOOD
Reject SHUN
Middle Eastern country YEMEN
Donkey ASS
Presenter HOST
Echo-sounding SONAR
Nullify NEGATE
Tendon SINEW
Strike SLAP
Cold meal SALAD
Cooking vessels POTS
Insurgent REBEL
Breeze WIND
Seize TAKE
Document DEED
Ovum EGG