Mirror Classic Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Storyline PLOT
Rescue SAVE
Raced SPED
Holes GAPS
West African country SENEGAL
Limb ARM
Move sideways SIDLE
Sedate STAID
Likewise! DITTO
Vase URN
North African republic TUNISIA
Paradise EDEN
Shade TINT
Region AREA
Facile EASY
Chamber ROOM
Untidy state MESS
At that time THEN
Long stories SAGAS
Vigour PEP
Expression TERM
Acceptable VALID
Subtract DEBIT
Seasoning SALT
Hold back RETAIN
Integer DIGIT
Princess Royal ANNE
Dissuade DETER
Ancient lettering RUNES
Encourage URGE
Grain store SILO
Particle ATOM
Period of time DAY