Mirror Classic Crossword Answers July 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Source of light ILLUMINATION
Female voice SOPRANO
Ridge of coral REEF
For example SUCHAS
Kingdom REALM
Faulty stroke in snooker MISCUE
In addition PLUS
Scandinavian NORSE
Igneous rock GRANITE
While moving very fast INFULLFLIGHT
Hairdresser’s tool CLIPPERS
Bedaub SMEAR
Irritate or displease ANNOY
Breastbone STERNUM
Soft fine feathers DOWN
Mechanical implement or tool INSTRUMENT
Incessantly repeated PERSISTENT
Flying insect BEE
Crafty SLY
Single portions of food HELPINGS
Dismiss from consideration RULEOUT
Nimble AGILE
Opposite of heads TAILS
Encircle RING