Mirror Classic Crossword Answers July 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Not satisfactory or allowable UNACCEPTABLE
Burial or cremation FUNERAL
Serving spoon LADLE
Inert gas NEON
Warren’s inhabitant RABBIT
Refund, reimburse REPAY
Easy scoring chance SITTER
Terrible fate DOOM
Rub out ERASE
Two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle CHARIOT
Motley, unkempt RAGGLETAGGLE
Wet-weather garment RAINCOAT
Derision SCORN
Orchard fruit APPLE
Entrance area HALLWAY
Ran away FLED
Incomplete, imperfect UNFINISHED
Unit of measurement CENTIMETRE
That woman HER
Battering device RAM
Reservations BOOKINGS
Act of retaliation REVENGE
Performed on stage ACTED
Heathen PAGAN
Unfortunately ALAS