Mirror Classic Crossword Answers March 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Extortion by threats BLACKMAIL
Man-eating giant OGRE
Over there YONDER
Ancient artefact RELIC
Thin dry biscuit CRACKER
Purchase BUY
Mend hurriedly or in a makeshift way PATCHUP
Loses colour FADES
Tealight CANDLE
Real or genuine BONAFIDE
Lump of earth CLOD
Take turns ALTERNATE
Lie detector POLYGRAPH
Explain in another language TRANSLATE
Liquid measure LITRE
Quick and superficial CURSORY
Friend MATE
Run off hastily SKEDADDLE
Gradual increase in loudness CRESCENDO
Drinking vessel CUP
Gold or silver in mass BULLION
Perfume SCENT
Hair from sheep WOOL
Sheet of glass PANE