Mirror Classic Crossword Answers March 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Completely open and legal ABOVEBOARD
Rapid rise or swell UPSURGE
Forbidden TABOO
Liquid measure PINT
Plant part STEM
Pat lightly DAB
Repeat performance ENCORE
Evaluate ASSESS
Cigarette deposit ASH
Standard NORM
Hire car TAXI
Military trainee CADET
By the sea COASTAL
Emphatically VEHEMENTLY
Rowing blades OARS
Happenings EVENTS
Hopefulness OPTIMISM
Fanatical, over-zealous RABID
Period of success or good fortune PURPLEPATCH
Capable of igniting and burning COMBUSTIBLE
Brown-haired person BRUNETTE
Precisely EXACTLY
Day nursery CRECHE
Fence of bushes HEDGE
Boat of logs RAFT