Mirror Classic Crossword Answers March 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Baby’s diaper NAPPY
Lukewarm TEPID
Church singers CHOIR
Windpipe TRACHEA
Material placed beneath a carpet UNDERLAY
Grain husks BRAN
Raised platform for a preacher PULPIT
Squanders WASTES
Unit of length INCH
Photograph development area DARKROOM
Untested UNTRIED
Of a town URBAN
Stage whisper ASIDE
Condition STATE
Stay clear of AVOID
Painting of a person PORTRAIT
Dutch cheese EDAM
Receive by succession INHERIT
Very pleasing, delicious SCRUMPTIOUS
Drinking tube STRAW
Act of embellishing food GARNISHMENT
Adjudged insolvent BANKRUPT
Touches down LANDS
Planet’s path ORBIT
Not domesticated WILD