Mirror Classic Crossword Answers May 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Surgical pincers FORCEPS
Bereaved wife WIDOW
Christian ceremony BAPTISM
Trustworthy HONEST
Sailing vessel YACHT
Always EVER
Very many UMPTEEN
Eat and drink to lose weight DIET
Pub close to one’s home LOCAL
Delights greatly CHARMS
Seek the advice or opinion of CONSULT
Relative darkness SHADE
Have as one’s property POSSESS
Trap in a lie CATCHOUT
Bunch of flowers POSY
Grain store SILO
Worked with a loom WOVE
Code word for the letter H HOTEL
Pair of glasses SPECTACLES
Unlocks OPENS
Sanctions ENDORSES
Dull persistent pain ACHE
Manufactured MADE
Stringed toy YOYO