Mirror Classic Crossword Answers November 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Rapid FAST
US coin DIME
Responsibility ONUS
Office worker TEMP
Tolerant LIBERAL
Long fish EEL
Nearest pub LOCAL
Geese in flight SKEIN
Observed NOTED
Computer message EMAIL
Type of tree ELM
Wedge-shaped TAPERED
Ventilates AIRS
Ancient symbol RUNE
Stagger REEL
Pay attention HARK
Potato SPUD
Idiot FOOL
Counterfoil STUB
Essential VITAL
Jewel GEM
Five cents NICKEL
Shade of brown SEPIA
Solid fuel PEAT
Cringe in fear COWER
Woman’s name EMMA
Gunpowder ingredient NITRE
Beam of light LASER
Every EACH
Backside RUMP
Document DEED
Annoy IRK