Mirror Classic Crossword Answers November 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Harvest CROP
House part ROOF
In this place HERE
Poems ODES
Donation GIFT
Incomplete PARTIAL
Playing card ACE
Madagascan mammal LEMUR
Without MINUS
Dissuade DETER
Observed NOTED
Self-image EGO
Acetic acid VINEGAR
Ancient letter RUNE
Afresh ANEW
Pleased GLAD
Hen-house COOP
Above OVER
Lawful LEGAL
Umpire REF
Dossier FILE
Annoyed RILED
Sturdy STOUT
Tight TAUT
Mediterranean islander CRETAN
Cranny NOOK
Number SEVEN
Roadside cafe DINER
Every EACH
Sea bird GULL
Peruse READ
Listening organ EAR