Mirror Classic Crossword Answers October 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Castle FORT
Curved structure ARCH
Clock face DIAL
Japanese maple ACER
Contest DUEL
Narrated RELATED
Award OBE
Colander SIEVE
Opponent RIVAL
Deal with TREAT
Temptress SIREN
Solidify GEL
Venetian boat GONDOLA
Type of cheese EDAM
Constantly EVER
Mr Rickman? ALAN
Stratagem PLOY
Nudge PROD
Phobia FEAR
Spool REEL
Drives RIDES
Beer ALE
Opening HOLE
Check accounts AUDIT
Shade of red CERISE
Echolocation RADAR
Cherish LOVE
Eat away ERODE
Disgusting VILE
Lawful LEGAL
Wanderer NOMAD
Grasp GRIP
Above OVER
Sunlit hours DAY