Mirror Classic Crossword Answers October 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Gentle SOFT
Droopy LIMP
Immense HUGE
Greek deity EROS
Rugby player PROP
Tropical disease MALARIA
Latin greeting AVE
Liquid measure LITRE
Gain knowledge LEARN
Magic spirit GENIE
Body of water SEA
Angry outburst TANTRUM
Harbour PORT
Average SOSO
Period of time WEEK
Volume TOME
Accidental FLAT
Stalk STEM
Idiot FOOL
Student PUPIL
Zodiac sign LEO
Sought item GRAIL
Damage severely RAVAGE
Large room SALON
Airborne soldier PARA
Against VERSUS
Canvas shelters TENTS
Gunpowder ingredient NITRE
Devoured EATEN
Roasting rod SPIT
Majority MOST
Be indebted to OWE