Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Plant producing perspiration SWEATSHOP
Alert to a battle to the east AWARE
Small length of beam SMILE
Hire piece of pallet LET
Hitting with can TIN
Part of the elephant’s foot HEEL
Feel bitter about getting posted RESENT
Isolated a section APART
Hear silent order LISTEN
Bring up the back REAR
That woman’s in the right HER
Father left as a friend PAL
Dares to adjust scans READS
Strange to send a line ALIEN
Wound needed arm treated MEANDERED
Point to healthy animal WHALE
Help make a wager ABET
Resist plan by relative SISTER
Sheepish round wine producer OVINE
Composer plays roles to a degree? BACHELORS
Entrance embellished with one type of fruit NECTARINE
Told to be part of the family RELATED
Medium trails affected by breeze MISTRAL
Managed to get out of France RAN
For every boy is individual PERSON
Figure heaps out SHAPE
Chosen the Spanish tie design ELITE
Glass is a nuisance, we hear PANE