Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Criticised notes and wept DECRIED
Unlocks strange ode with writer OPENED
Bowler has quiet irritation at hesitation PITCHER
Jog out of bistro, timidly TROT
Worry about line found on neck FRET
Husky, say, or another animal HORSE
British grain in vessel BOAT
Gas that none used NEON
Souvenir of pure licentiousness RELIC
Incline to be thin LEAN
Knaves terribly sad after getting caught CADS
A pet changed colour and got thinner TAPERED
Chap sinned awfully DENNIS
Number of exits around space SIXTEEN
Dismissal of Wellington? BOOT
Chief learnt about first key CENTRAL
Opted to change store DEPOT
Change during meditation EDIT
Guessed right – one deck was used RECKONED
Obscure study about old ship DARKEN
Secretive rite performed with money RETICENT
Opponent puts iron ring inside FOE
Causes rector to change season REASONS
Child of resonance SON
Roman puts groove in coach BRUTUS
Left port full LADEN
Yield a plant ovule, say CEDE
Tom’s broken more than half MOST