Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cuts bits of film CLIPS
Stick to prohibition outside BATON
He’s on the staff ROD
Get used to terrible ruin, to a point INURE
Turn aside and declare time AVERT
Facts in emergency GEN
Drink of character, say TEA
Point to the Spanish swimmer EEL
Started with pitch TAR
Steps that may be taken LADDER
The others relax REST
A hot sort of curse OATH
The cricket team’s legs ELEVEN
Appearing with food PEA
Roused about employment USE
Gun-wielding animal GNU
Ruin in Denmark MAR
Only small flatfish SOLES
Live like headless chauvinist EXIST
Fewer around animal EWE
Enid returned to daughter and had a meal DINED
Arranges into types SORTS
Sign of damage to box on right CRATER
Nothing but affection LOVE
Patterns to build a slide IDEALS
Placed diets differently SITED
Instrument’s strange bulge BUGLE
Is more than one? ARE
Contented with shelter TENT
Not far from one argument NEAR
Borders of shrubs not started EDGES
Captain has fitting APT
Devoured more than seven, say ATE
About to have nothing but eggs ROE
Level with first woman EVE
Viewpoint right for sportsman ANGLER
Dwellings that are safe? HOUSES
Left university free to be sensational LURID
Doctors with small underwear VESTS
Walk like a policeman PLOD
Mean to change the last word AMEN
Went off amphibian NEWT
Taxes have to stop AXE