Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
The tar posed a menace THREAT
Strongbox made of South African iron SAFE
Part of ammunitions UNIT
Superior gambler BETTER
Owl often around garret LOFT
Picture one prisoner ICON
Wonderful penalty FINE
Pass out of recollection COL
Don’t stand for a fib LIE
Performs part of the Bible ACTS
Sensible French river, say SANE
You and I have record cry WEEP
News from the French trial LATEST
Authentic sort of earl REAL
Damn vermin RATS
Start unacceptable group OUTSET
Forbidden to throw a boot TABOO
Tear off at speed RATE
Spin around one city TURIN
Lois ran to store SILO
One cat delivered without delay ATONCE
Commend former spouse returning lot EXTOL
Incentive to have money CENT
Land in terrible rain IRAN
Abandon deer on time — with a second! DESERT
Junior student wore out LOWER
Room to put old instrument CELLO
Met to compose song MOTET
Copies of tapestries APES
Officers’ room in confusion MESS