Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Explosion is fun BLAST
Spilt Malibu, destroying one stamp book ALBUM
Boiler’s fuel OIL
Canter off in a daze TRANCE
Great deal of service MASS
Feel modest about growth ELM
At home, anxious and severe INTENSE
Stabilise what’s left BALANCE
Crawler, when quiet ASP
A method of being on holiday AWAY
Mark, at church, is seldom seen SCARCE
Draw a digit, say TOW
Some insects are small and affectionate SWARM
Writer takes notes for money PENCE
Spread prohibitions to include English food BUTTERBEANS
Child of resonance SON
Sticking with twitch TIC
Brian turned into a thinker BRAIN
Teacher has a bit of a classic MASTERPIECE
Incline to be thin LEAN
I’m a moving target AIM
Fashionable new pub INN
Definitely an article THE
Animal all over mother LLAMA
Bed has small worth COST
Fairy’s tune AIR
Lawman takes firm pressure COP
Wonder in drawer AWE