Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Pressure to clear out bundle PARCEL
Huge vats cracked VAST
Woman in view? IRIS
Firework found in salad ROCKET
Knock bust over STUB
Shout for right paddle ROAR
Question wife: is that man new? WHEN
Bother at a party ADO
Vain man finds loud work FOP
Dance film REEL
Declare Vera to be mad AVER
Rite used flag TIRE
Dull former pupil wasted suet OBTUSE
Broadcast second conclusion SEND
Expensive-sounding animal DEER
Please move and pass ELAPSE
City for cavorting pairs PARIS
People’s event RACE
Illuminated concerning amount LITRE
Virginia is inside getting document VISA
Stellar artist in last performance ASTRAL
Forbidden to throw a boot TABOO
Formerly in concert ONCE
Rent is increased, we hear HIRE
Fight to get points that are meagre SPARSE
Fellow finds new diet disgusting FETID
Wear down queen with poem ERODE
Scandinavian food SWEDE
Ever-changing swerve VEER
Discard at the tip DUMP